Launched in Reims France during 2005, Frogames is in the capable hands of three motivated and fun-loving people who are environmentally aware.

Meet The Team:

• Christophe, Artist and Co-Founder
• Mathieu, Programmer and Co-Founder
• Sabine, Promotion, Marketing and Communication

We're Indie Game Developers.

Because our skills and ideas are not subject to the pressures of outside financers, our projects are self-founded, self-published, and limited only by our imagination.

Frogames lends its cartoonish and colorful touch to the gaming industry in two ways:

1. We provide licensable technical resources that speed up game production so that other developers can savor the freedom of creating world-class games quickly and efficiently.

Discover how our tools and technology can make a difference in your gaming software development cycle by visiting Frogames at

2. We create and market our cool and innovative video games that are fun to play and, dare we say, slightly addictive. See what we mean by visiting Frogames at

Meet The Frogames All Star Lineup

Here are some other projects that we've had a hand in developing:

• Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa by PocketWatchGames (Mac port)
• Minions of Mirth by Prairie Games (clothing and armor design)
• Shelled by Red Thumb Games (level design)
• The Game Programmer's Guide to Torque and Maze Runner advanced by GarageGames (art cover + design)