Kawaii Maximum Overkill

Kawaii Maximum Overkill was made in 48h during the Global Game Jam 2010 @ Paris.
We had to build our game around the themes of "deception" and "seduction".
Download - Mac (14Mb) - Windows (10 Mb)


- Axel A. (Croustination) - Sound Designer & Artist 2D
- Frederic Sommer (Le Cortex) - Game & Level Designer
- Kévin Passageon (Personal website) - Artist 3D & 2D
- Mathieu L. (Frogames) - Developer

Special Thanks

- Global Game Jam
- Olivier LeJade
- ISART Digital
- Unity 3D

How to play

Use keyboard arrow keys to control your evil character.

1/ explore the map, find the kawaii 2/ bring them back to your trap

More information

Let's give a hand to the Devil to trap and burn the poor unbearable Kawaii.
Disguise in a giant Kawaii, go through each stage to collect all kawaii and bring them to your personal BBQ.
Be careful, do not let them kill themselves on the road and take care not to be contamined by their love and joy.
Don't leave any behind.